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1.8m Large Format With Epson i3200 Printhead

650,000 KSh



High speed inkjet printer reached 13.5 square meters per hour. It can print on flex banner, vinyl, canvas, wallpaper and many other materials. The maximum printing format can be reached 1.8m. As for its printing quality, adopting Epson i3200 printhead, it’s with high output quality which is up to 1440dpi.



Printing Speed: 13.5 square meters

Voltage: AC220V/50-60HZ

Maximum Printing Width: 1800mm

Ink Color: CMYK

Printing Media: Flex banner, Vinyl, Canvas, Car sticker, Wallpaper, etc.

Printing resolution(dpi): 1440dpi

RIP software: Maintop

Operating system: Win xp/7/10

Package size: 2.9*0.74*0.6


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