How to Clean and Maintain your Heat Press for Years of Beautiful Results

Heat Press machines are the modern, no fuss way of printing art work on to fabrics, shoes, aluminum and many other substrates. Of course, when it comes to assuring the highest quality and longevity from your press, it is necessary to periodically do some preventive maintenance. Here are some quick and easy steps to take to assure a long and trouble-free life for your heat press machine.


  • To prevent your substrates from becoming soiled, periodically wipe down the entire exterior of the machine with a clean rag. This can be done with water. For stubborn stains, use mineral spirits. Note that you can only use mineral spirits when the heat transfer press is cold.
  • Clean the Teflon coated upper platen with a piece of non abrasive cloth using water or mineral spirits but only when the platen is cool. Take care not to rub off the Teflon coating.


  • About once a month the joints and pins of the press should be lubricated with a high-temperature, non-melting grease. Your press should have come with a diagram directing you to the points of lubrication.

Silicon Lower Pad

  • The silicone pad will eventually show wear and tear. This will affect the outcome of your images and must be replaced once you see dents or wear. To replace, make sure that the machine is cool before removing the lower platen from the base.
  • Use a mild solvent (mineral spirits) to clean the surface of the lower platen.
  • Replacing this pad will require that both the pad and the lower platen are clean and dry.
  • High temperature glue is necessary to adhere the pad to the platen—follow the instructions on the adhesive package.
  • Check for air bubbles before allowing the glue to dry.

A clean and well maintained heat press is a happy and well functioning machine that will bring you years of revenue and beautiful results!